The Gift of the Forest – Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, popularly referred to as Princess of Hill Station, is located in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India. The etymology section in wikipedia on Kodaikanal provides some interesting insights into the name, one of which I have given as the title of the blog.

kodaikanal maps
Kodaikanal on Google Maps

The place is picturesque & climate is superb. When we went the climate on the plains was mildly oppressive in terms of heat, there it was refreshingly cooooollllll in the daytime & cccccooooooollllllllllllldddddddddddd in at night & early mornings.

The place is filled with flowers & fruits. Mangoes, plums, pears, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, etc are available on sale en route, but please be careful to examine them properly before purchasing.

I am not boring too much with text, I guess this time around let the pics do the talking.

lovely dew filled morning…the sun too seems to be lazy to wake up!!


the King of fruits is here, all raise & give your respects
No wonder, it’s called the king of fruits.. Mangoes are lovely to eat
Nariyal ka Pani – world’s best anti dehydration solution – elaneer or tender coconut
Even the water fall seems to be tired & wary without the rains

Flowers always have a magic about them. There are a lot of them in Kodaikanal & you can see them sway in the breeze. Just gaze at them on a silent morning & you will understand what’s the big deal about meditation.

Really sorry guys to peep into your privacy.
Hey look that guy is pointing his camera this way….grrrrrr
Too bad you can’t fly like just watch me do it
Whose there?
I am a beauty, I don’t need a mirror to prove it, nice bike by the way
Fresh Pears anyone?
Got a gr8 deal on for 2N-3D stay @ The County Club Valley Vista Kodaikanal. It’s a bit off track from the main town, but nice place to be put up
Mist slowly enveloping the landscape
feels eerie when you find yourself slowly being engulfed








kinda feels dizzy to stare up the trees @ Pine Forest

that’s all for now.

a quick trip to visit the Queen of Nilagiri

Hey friends,

Even though I started my blog a few months ago, i never did anything further on it. Well now i have something to share which would be worth your time.

Yesterday (26 Mar 2016), I made a quick solo visit to Ooty (Ootcamund or Udagamangalam). Well what’s so great about it? Well nothing much, but just thought i will share my experience with you – to bore you or  to enlighten you!!

Rather than the place it was the mode of travel that I would like to share with you. I managed to fulfil my long cherished dream of taking the Toy Train or Nilgiri Mountain Railway – something that has been classified as a world heritige by the UNESCO.

UNESCO Plaque – The Nilgiri Mountain Railway – Declared World Heritage Site

The trip as such was hectic – catching the train was not an easy ball game. I barely managed to get in. I caught the Nilagiri Express (train no.12671 ) from Coimbatore Junction (CBE) to Metupalayam (MTP) at 530am. The Nilagiri Mountain Railway starts from MTP at 710am. At MTP i had my grand realisation, if you have not reserved your seats then to get one, you have to stand in a queue till 7am. The Station Master comes & checks the availablity of seats & then issues tokens. If you manage to get a token, then you need to race down to the ticket counter to get a ticket which cost Rs.15 (Roughly US$0.25, if you assume US$1 = INR60.00 exchange rate).

The work horse of the Nilagiri Mountain Railway

Then starts the beautiful trip which takes roughly around 5hrs to chug the train up the mountain to Ooty station. The trip involves around 4 pitstops to fill water for the steam & this is the highlight of the trip, since all these places are picturesque & gives one ample time to click to one’s hearts content.

all ready to move

The journey may be tiring at times, because the train moves at relaxed trot of 10kmph at most times.So I would suggest you be prepared with sufficent fluids & eatables. But please don’t litter the serene beauty of the Queen. Carry small litter bags. You can see the effects of unresponsible tourism all around, lets pledge not to contribute to the mess even if we don’t want to dirty our hands to clean it.

safety is very important…

One very important thing that can be noticed is the dedication of the staff to the Indian Railways staff to the safety angle. The train is constantly monitored at every pit stop.

that’s the route
inside a tunnel enroute
bridge across a stream (now dry)
unity is strength – these roots are keeping an ancient tree upright inspite of the difficult terrain
enjoying the pitsop with snacks & snaps
green signal..lets move it
the track uses alternate bite technology
is it the way up or down? depends on how you percieve it
the reveloutionary rack & pinion used  to pull the train
let me see a different perspective
lonely world it is, without our friends & family around us
water..every drop counts..let’s save some for the next generation..
bridging gaps
waiting for the engine to fill its belly
it’s pretty tiring pulling you all up the hill, let me have some water please
bird’s eye view of the city from the train
nothing like mother’s care & protection
heritage station – Coonor Station
no matter what happens, there is always light at the end of the tunnel
fresh tea, anyone?
life ain’t straight line drive, it always meanders between obstacles
photo ops….say cheese..
the TTE cum Guide cum Train Guard
can i get a seat please? pleeeaaaaaaasseee
beauty need not be forever…
out of order time means time to exit????
where am i headed??
the face of the work horse
only one word can describe safety, protection, comfort, love, coziness, food any many more – Mother & its various forms in different languages

i guess this would be ok for now. Thank you for the honest feedbacks.

Note: i should thank my Canon 1200D for being such a good companion during my trip & the Luminosity Medium DSLR Backpack for carrying my limited equipment safely.